3 Businesses And How They Use Security Cameras

September 27th, 2019

Every company could use surveillance cameras as part of their security system.  Surveillance is one of the cornerstones of security, right along with access control and alarm systems.  So while O'Neill, NE has a variety of businesses and industries in and around town, all of them can put security cameras to good use in a variety of ways.

1. Warehouses And Materials Storage

Warehouses can contain a lot of valuable goods.  Some of them are small enough for burglars or dishonest employees to steal when they think no one’s looking, and even large and sturdy goods can suffer damage from careless forklift operators or other employees.  Surveillance cameras give your security and management staff a way to keep an eye on the inventory without having to constantly patrol the shelves.

Security cameras can also help at outdoor materials storage sites like depots and quarries.  Vandals and thrill-seeking teens will sometimes trespass on these properties when they think no one’s around, and if they get hurt it helps to have a surveillance system that can keep an eye out for them so your staff can call for emergency services or produce evidence for a civil lawsuit.  This abandoned appearance can also bring out thieves looking for copper and industrial equipment to steal and sell on.

2. Restaurants And Retail Stores

Restaurants and retail stores in O'Neill, NE both have a lot of customers coming and going all day.  Many of these customers are regulars, but even if someone always comes by you can’t always trust that they’ll always behave themselves.  Security cameras let you keep an eye out for shoplifters and dinner guests trying to skip out on the check, they give you a chance to call the police if an armed robber shows up, and they let you see whether your employees are sneaking any cash out of the till.

3. Hotels And B&Bs

Guests are entitled to a certain amount of privacy, but hotels also need to provide safety and security for guests and surveillance systems play a role in that.  Hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry can put security cameras in common areas like lobbies and restaurants to keep an eye on guests, and they can put cameras in staff-only areas to keep an eye on employees. Another area where cameras help is in the parking lot since a lot can happen to guests or the baggage they leave in their cars.

Other businesses in other industries can also benefit from a strong surveillance system.  High-tech companies can keep an eye on employees, factories can make sure people are following safety procedures, and museums can make sure the exhibits stay where they’re supposed to.  If your company has a location in O'Neill, NE, you should contact Guardian Security Services for more information.  We can help you understand your security situation, design a strong system that will meet your needs without going over your budget, and then install that system and train your staff to put it to good use.