How To Feel More Secure When Sleeping At Home

May 30th, 2019

Every homeowner in O'Neill deserves to feel safe when sleeping in their home at night. Unfortunately, not every resident in O'Neill, NE feels that way. For instance, one study found that three-fourths of business travelers worry about leaving their spouses home alone at night. So, how can you protect yourself when sleeping at home at night? Below, you’ll find a couple of tips on how to feel more secure when sleeping at home.

Become Acquainted With The Neighbors

How can someone outside your home help you sleep better at night? Well, it could provide you with peace of mind knowing that your neighbors have your back. Your neighbors serve as free “eyes and ears.” If they notice something suspicious going on in or around your home, they could give you a call to make sure that everything is alright.

Develop A Pre-Bedtime Checklist 

Another way to achieve peace of mind and safety before going to bed is by conducting a checklist or routine. For instance, make sure that you check your doors and windows to ensure that they’re locked. You can also make sure that you’ve armed your security system. Developing a routine will ensure that you don’t miss anything, allowing you to obtain a fantastic night’s sleep.

Have A Plan Of Action 

If your home were to be broken into, you should have a plan of action in place. Knowing what to do in case of emergency can keep you safe, as you’ll be able to spring into action immediately instead of scrambling trying to figure out what to do. An action plan reduces the “panic” that comes with someone breaking into your home. You should develop action plans not only for yourself but for your children and guests as well.

Take A Self-Defense Course 

Part of your action plan should be trying to figure out what you’re going to do were you to come face-to-face with the person who’s broken into your home. Consider taking a self-defense course so that you know how to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Local community centers in O'Neill could offer these courses for free.

You can also consider keeping a weapon by your bedside. However, this is something that you should first discuss with your spouse before doing so. Make sure that you acquire the proper certificates and licenses before you do so as well.  

Install An Alarm System 

Another way to feel secure when sleeping is by installing an alarm system. You can connect your alarm system to motion sensors. This way, if a burglar were to approach your residence, alarms would sound that would scare them away.

Additionally, today’s alarms systems allow you to connect to your cell phone. If the motion sensor were to go off, you would receive an alert on your phone alerting you as such. Then, you could put your plan of action into high-gear. The ability to spring into action quickly could go a long way toward keeping your family safe.