How To Handle A Door To Door Salesperson

October 16th, 2019

There are plenty of good door-to-door salespeople in O'Neill, girl scouts, boy scouts, and other local school children selling cookies, popcorn, and candy bars are a great example. However, most of the people that show up uninvited on our doorstep to sling goods are either unscrupulous or conmen. So before opening your front door to this unannounced visitor, here is what you need to know.


Door-To-Door Salespeople Are A Potential Threat


Criminals are smart and pretty innovative. They always look for new ways to target victims. People showing up at your door unannounced, even if they seem like legitimate salespeople, can be a big risk to your home. For example, thieves may disguise themselves as salespeople or even people taking neighborhood polls in order to case homes in the neighborhood. They use the information they gather to pick their targets. Another good example is people dressing up as representatives for a home security company. They’ll trick you into updating your system, but really it’s a scam to get your information and take your money. Finally, other scam artists will simply take the money you give in good faith for a product and run.


What To Do When Salespeople Come To Your Door


There are a few steps you should take when your doorbell rings unexpectedly. Before opening the door:


  • Identify who is at your door by looking through your peephole or checking your doorbell camera video feed
  • If it isn’t someone you recognize, ask for verbal confirmation of who they are
  • If they are a salesperson, ask them to hold up their ID badge


In NE, door-to-door salespeople are required by law to carry photo identification that states their employer. If they cannot present this, tell them to leave immediately as they are illegitimate. Furthermore, even if they present identification, do not open the door if you are home alone. Smart criminals know these laws and will be prepared for security savvy homeowners like yourself.


What To Do If You Open The Door To A Salesperson


Only open the door if you feel safe or believe you would like the product the salesperson is offering. Make sure to always do the following:


  • Never invite a stranger into your home
  • Never let them know you are home alone
  • Keep the conversation in view of the street or your neighbors
  • Never give them any personal information
  • Never give them any money without first getting the product


These steps will help keep you, your family, and your home safe.


Make Your Home Less Attractive For Scammers


Another thing you can do is to take steps to prevent door-to-door salespeople as a whole. First, you can put a sign that says “no solicitors”. This will help keep legitimate salespeople away. Second, you will want to keep your home very well lit and your landscaping trimmed so criminals see there is no place to sneak around. Finally, you’ll want to install a home security system with a visible surveillance camera.


If you want to get rid of pesky salespeople and keep scammers and thieves off your O'Neill doorstep, Guardian Security Services has the solution. Our knowledgeable security technicians will work with you to find the security system that is perfect for your home. Give us a call for a free consultation to learn more!