A Smart Solution to Secure Your Home from Leaks

January 4th, 2023

Water leaks and water damage are both hefty expenses that homeowners don't want to have to deal with. So, while you evaluate the security of your home, you will want to also explore your options for water and leak detection as well to secure the home more thoroughly. 

Water damage can happen for a variety of reasons, including broken pipes, drips, and leaky appliances. All of these seemingly small problems can begin to add up very quickly for a homeowner. Like many other home security problems we face, this is a problem that can happen very quickly as well, and it usually remains out of sight until it is too late.

Using Technology for Leak Security

With the way technology is continually growing and evolving these days, we are being offered more technological ways to protect our home and family. Flood sensors, for example, can be installed in the home that can notify you of any water issues there may be before it gets too large to handle.

Many of these sensors can also help you learn how to use your water more efficiently because it comes with both monitoring and valuable insights. 

Automatic Shutoff

If a pipe in your home fails, then your number one priority is going to be to turn the water off. If you are home, then you run straight to the main water supply to turn it all off and look for where the leak is coming from. If you are home, it is easier to detect and avert disaster.

But what if the pipe breaks when you aren't at home? It could be hours before you return, and by then the damage can be significant. When you install a smart water sensor in your home, there is an internal meter that can detect leaks and then alerts your home security system of the problem. The system will then activate an onboard actuator that will close the valve and shut off the water to avoid any more damage to the home.

So, by the time you receive a notification that there is a water problem, it will already be taken care of. You can then go home and take the necessary steps to fix the problem and avoid costly damage in the future.

Security System Integration

Because you can get these sensors integrating into your current security system, it will be much easier to manage and use whether you are home or away. It also knows how to respond accordingly. For example, if your security system knows you are home, and you have chosen to take a longer than a normal shower, the system won't shut off the water. However, you will still get an alert.

This is just one example of how you can create and customize a home security system that works best for you. You can focus on these areas of your home security that you want to ensure are covered and talk with your security company to find solutions that work best for your home.

For more information on integrating your security system and finding more protection for the home, contact your local security company in O'Neill, NE today.