An Unlikely Intruder Combatting Animal Break-Ins

February 14th, 2020

When you own a home in O'Neill, you might find that human intruders aren't the only ones you have to worry about. Sometimes you will arrive home to find more than what you bargained for when you step through the door.

From raccoons to squirrels to other people's cats and dogs, there is plenty of wildlife outside during the colder months looking for a warm place to stay and some food and water. If your home isn't locked up and your home security is on the fritz, then they may find your home to be an easy target.

Through the Doggy Door

If you have a doggy door installed for your dog to be able to go out into the fenced yard when it needs to, then you may be opening your home up to other visitors. If a raccoon, for example, enters the home through a pet door like this, it may be hard for them to find their way out.   It also opens the home up for other animals, including skunks, stray cats, and opossums, to get inside.

So, how can you keep the animals away? To keep raccoons from entering through the doggy door, there needs to be the suggestion of a human presence to scare them away. You can do this by playing a small radio next to the doggy door. You can also apply scents like cayenne pepper and mint around the door because they dislike them and will stay away.

Exterior Lighting and Motion Sensors

Another way to keep strays from your home and yard is to have the right exterior lighting in place. The light won't harm the animals in any way. Instead, it exposes them and is often enough of a deterrent to keep them away.  Larger animals like coyotes, unfortunately, may not be dissuaded by the bright exterior lighting.

It is best to have the lights on motion sensors so they can deter the animals from their first interaction with the lights. This way, the lights don't have to always be on either in order for them to work. They will only turn on when motion is detected by the home.

However, if these particular animals frequent your home often, they may learn that the light is just a light and won't hurt them. Motion sensor lights might help with this problem a little bit, although there is still no evidence to that fact.

Motion sensor lighting will work on a variety of different animals, including skunks, raccoons, and even deer and is definitely something you will want to consider when other efforts have failed.

As you can see, many of the features you already have in place for home security in O'Neill can work wonders when it comes to keeping unwanted visitors off your property and away from the home.

For more information on how you can use your current security system in more ways than you originally thought, or for more information on upgrading your current system, make sure to contact the experts at Guardian Security Services in O'Neill, NE.